Dancing Craze

Dancing Craze

A fun, enjoyable game for everyone who loves to dance
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You're going to Hollywood, baby! Open a dance studio and teach your clients a range of slick moves as you prepare for the biggest variety show Tinseltown has ever seen. Serve cool drinks and hot towels as your customers work up a sweat C-Walking; purchase a variety of upgrades to keep everyone happy as they wait their turn to Breakdance; and hire a fitness trainer and a masseur so you can focus on each client's Hip Hop moves.Dancing Craze is a strategy time management game where the action takes place in a dance studio. You play Maria, a girl who receives a phone call from a friend of hers, Helen, who wants to make a music video in Hollywood and wands Maria to produce it. Maria goes to Hollywood and when she gets there she finds out that Helen hasn't hired any dancers yet, so she decides to open her own dance studio to find dancers faster.

There are two difficulty modes in the game : Expert and Casual. Some things will be highlighted in the casual mode to make it easier and the target for each level will be significantly lower and the clients will be a lot calmer than in the Expert mode.

The gameplay is very simple, you play only with the mouse and you have to meet each of your customers requests. They might get thirsty and you have to get them some soda, or they might need a towel and you have to get it for them. If you get it fast enough for them you'll earn more money, and if you aren't fast enough to do that you won't get anything from them. The goal on each level is to gain a certain amount of cash and you can move on to the next level. Each new level will bring new upgrades to your dance studio and you'll also attract more clients. There are many different types of clients and each of them has their own personality level and some of them have special features. The game has an education value since every client has his own dance style, every time you receive a new type of client you also get a short description of the dance type. With the money you earn, you can buy upgrades for the dance studio which are necessary on higher levels. Some upgrades are just for design while others have great benefits.

The graphics are cartoony and the sound effects are playful, making for a fun overall feeling when playing the game. Dancing Craze is definitely a fun game to play with a lot of content that will keep you playing for quite a long time.

Dennis Niels
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